Awl and Sundry Capsule Collection

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the launch party for the capsule collection of new super stylish men’s footwear brand Awl & Sundry. If you like shoes, hunky football players and helping kids in need, you should most definitely check these out.

Four NFL guys you may have heard of, Nate Burleson, Rashad Jennings, Marcel Reece and Eric Weddle, got together and said hey, “We like kids and we like shoes, let’s find a way to put these together and help.” With a little help from a few insanely talented stylists (um, can we please address Rashad Jennings outfit. Holy hotness.), these guys created shoes that reflect their personal style and for every pair sold, a pair of shoes will be donated to a child in need in Kenya.


The Shad


The Eric


The Nate


The Cel

More about the kids. At the Saparingo Primary School in Narok County, Kenya, Africa, 90% of students have never worn shoes. Out of the 170 students, 153 students walk barefoot to school and back 10 miles each day. Shoes are such a staple in our everyday lives, and many of us even to excess. Guilty. Let’s help give these sweeties something they have never known, shoes!

Awl & Sundry is now live, you can purchase these shoes designed by NFL hotties for under $180, AND be helping a less-fortunate kiddo over in Kenya. If you don’t need another pair of shoes and just want to help, CLICK HERE to find Awl & Sundry’s kickstarter page and donate. They have already raised over $15,000 for this wonderful cause through Kickstarted, but why stop there??

Please think about these little babes, imagine doing your commute walking barefoot? Everyone should have the luxury of owning a pair of shoes, regardless of where you live or your household income.

Want more info? Check out this video that has all the deets! –>>


Here are a few snaps from the launch party last week!

The world needs more people like these guys that are willing to spend their free time helping those in need. I donated and was backer 79. Help Awl & Sundry meet their goal of getting shoes on all of the kid’s feet!

xx -Stephanie

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