This Made the Cut

Who knew that packing my entire life could be so much work? Shipped 16 boxes, made a total of 7 trips to Housing Works and Goodwill, brought 4 bags to Buffalo Exchange, and I still had three suitcases (one very overweight), a large duffel, a backpack and purse (Givenchy inside my big Louis) to bring on the plane. It’s actually shocking how much stuff I have, and believe me, I got rid of a lot! BUT! This outfit made the cut, so here it is!

See what I did there? I’m currently writing from about 36,000 feet in the air, and have so many feelings going through my mind right now. Sad, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, exhausted, excited! I had to put a hard stop to any shopping for the last few weeks because I knew I had a ton to pack, and I this top was my final purchase. I have no idea how to dress for San Francisco versus New York, but I think this top is a good start!

Ruffles make everything better, and this cute little scarf (for only $5!) are perfect together. Usually wearing red and green make me think of Christmas, but to me the denim and tan shades balance it out quite a bit. Not to mention the *sPaRkLe* from my gorgggg earrings! I am starting to really like the look of these scarves, I want more! Good thing they’re so inexpensive.

Top scarf glasses : SheIn (all under $15!) | Jeans : Joe’s | Boots : Celine (similar) | Earrings : Hueb

Keep an eye out for my new adventures in San Francisco! I can’t wait for this super exciting time, and am also terrified! Feel free to say hello via email or socials, I’ll be here, sipping my vino.

xx -TFB

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