Simple Kind of Fall Look

It is fall, isn’t it? I mean, it’s no longer even a summer month. Living in California is confusing…

These last few days have been crazzyyyy. I am finally in California. Like, what? I live in CALIFORNIA!!! Currently sipping a glass of wine watching the sunset pretending all these boxes in front of me don’t exist. I still don’t know how to dress here, but I have noticed that normal shoes don’t fly here. And by normal, I mean shoes like these ones.

Any kind of embellishments, colors, heels or flats, they certainly make all of the outfits here. I’m practicing, and getting the last of my pre-CA photos posted. These were from New Hampshire last week during my final trip home before the big move. And trust me, the next time I’m back, I will have ah-mazing shoes. Or at least lots of inspiration from the ladies out here in the west.

It’s also beautiful weather here and it’s difficult to remember that it’s starting to get chilly back home on the east side. All I want to do is wear cute dresses and light colors. There is no part of me that feels normal right now about grabbing a jacket or boots. Stay tuned to see how this all plays out, because I think the same rules apply here.

Dress : SheIn (umm, $14!!!) | Boots : Celine | Earrings & Bracelet : David Yurman

Sometimes, simpler is better. Like a dress, some braids, and a good lipstick. Amen.

xx -TFB

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