Bell Sleeves and Moto Boots

Life can sometimes throw you challenges. Like when you move to a new city and know literally nobody, but need a photographer. Luckily, I hired one, and for free! It’s me. I’m the photographer. Technology these days is wondrous.

Top : Nordstrom Rack (similar from Nordstrom) | Jeans : Zara | Boots : H&M! | Necklace : MaxMara | Sunglasses : DIFF Eyewear | Bag : Proenza Schouler

For some reason, even though I haven’t even unpacked all of my belongings, I can’t stop myself from shopping. I picked up this top and these boots over the weekend on a little venture around my new city. I need to make sure I feel at home here and know my way around, and this doesn’t exclude finding my new favorite stores.

I was in search for a new pair of moto boots anyways, and came across these very inexpensive ones at H&M. Old faithful (for the most part). I also found a cool silver moto jacket that I wore today, but not with this shirt. Bell sleeves and moto jackets are just too much to handle.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll make sure to schedule another shoot with my photographer as soon as possible so I can keep bringing you all new SF content! 😀

xx -TFB

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