Three Weeks in SF

Almost three weeks. I can’t believe how fast time goes by! I’ve made three new friends so far, two from different volunteering days and one in an Uber Pool. I promise I’m not just riding around in Ubers to make friends. But let’s get into why you really clicked the link, you want to know what’s up with my life in California.

California is crazy! Not in a bad way, at all. I just still can’t believe I live here. I’m still getting settled, and may be moving in the next few weeks to an adorable studio in downtown SF. I still don’t really understand where this “downtown” area is, but that’s what people call it, so that’s what I call it. I hope to feel at home soon, because living out of boxes isn’t too homey.

Back to the friends for a sec. I signed up to volunteer at a few things, one was Habitat for Humanity, and the other was for the HRC gala. I got to play in the dirt, and get really dressed up which is always the best! I’m finding that the people here are so nice, and so curious about my opinions of their homeland that they are fine just listening to me talk. This is great for me because I talk a lot and anyone that wants to listen is ok in my book! Even if they don’t want to, I’ll still talk 😉 Pictures below, can you spot me in my gardening attire?

—>> Dress is Alexia Admor from Rent the Runway, linked here!

And a few from my going away party, because I never got to send them out 🙂

Driving again is weird. I currently have to drive to the train station to get into the city, and it’s just not something I’m used to at all. Guys, I used to put my mascara on and catch up on emails and social during my commute. Now I actually have to pay attention. Lanes here change without notice. Straight, straight, left turn only. Good thing I’ve learned a few driving skills from the cabbies. The ability to drive to the grocery store is a blessing and a curse. I no longer have to worry about only buying what I can carry in one [walking] trip home. I spend about three times as much each time I go now, but I also need to build up my wine stock again which is a large contribution to cost and weight. (insert flexing arm emoji here)

The food here so far is just ok. I’ll be honest, I haven’t experienced it a ton which is mostly because I don’t have the [just about daily] meals and drinks with friends happening. The only good thing about that is my wallet doesn’t shrink as fast. Not to mention all the calories that I’m saving! Until I pat myself on the back for that and have a bowl of ice cream. Every night. I had my first Mission burrito, and man was it amazing! I have my next trip back booked for this weekend and I’m salivating thinking about it.

Fashion. I don’t know where to start with this one. I’ve noticed for the most part that ladies here are about their shoes. Prints, colors, embellishments galore! On the other hand, I have no idea how to dress. It gets warm (like, hot) during the day, but the second the sun goes down it’s like winter. Not really. People commute in puffer coats, and I’m just like in my kids denim jacket because I donated all coats thinking I wouldn’t need them. There’s that.

And the question of the day/week/month: Do I like it here, and if so, more than New York?

The answer to that is simply I have no idea! New York will always be my number one. I grew up there, kind of. I learned how to sort of function as an adult there. Turned 21, had my first drink ;), got my first apartment, job, started my blog, made AMAZING friends. I have so many memories in New York that I don’t honestly know if anything will ever come close to it. The food in New York is definitely way better, so far. There appears to be many more bars and restaurants per capita than there are in SF. More shopping and way more thrift/second-hand stores to play in. So let’s do this – pros and cons. No, let’s just do pros. I try to stay positive.

New York
Great food/bars
Easy subway
Places to discover
Closer to home (NH)

San Francisco
Amazing burritos
Opportunity to make friends
Confusing public transportation that all take different cards
EVERYONE IS SO NICE – including the people that answer my questions about all the cards
Also places to discover, because I just moved here

Speaking of home. It’s going to cost me a fortune to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holy wow, as my mom would said (and did say). I can’t not go home though. My niece is getting bigger without me. I take screenshots of literally every snap my sister sends me and I just look at them every night before I go to sleep. I have an album for her that currently has 644 pictures in it. She’s ten weeks old and needs to stay tiny so I can smother her with raspberries when I see her next!

Lastlyyyyy, if you follow me on snap and/or Insta, which you should be, I talked about how I picked up a few things for victims of the fires out here in California. If you don’t know, there has been massive fires out here ripping through Sonoma and Napa, and through parts of the area that aren’t just home to grape trees. There have been thousands of acres burned to the ground, giving people just minutes to evacuate their homes with nothing more than the clothes they’re wearing.

If you want to donate or volunteer, I’ve listed a few great places that you can get more information below. I will be heading up to the Santa Rosa area in the next few days to deliver some donated goods to families that lost everything. Clothes, photo albums, books, jewelry, family heirlooms, electronics. Of course in the big picture, most of these things don’t matter, but they are in need. Think about the babies that need clean diapers, or the older folks that need inhalers. Clean socks, blankets, shampoo, all of the things we take for granted everyday! Please, please think about donating or volunteering to help these people! – not sponsored, just trying to help out!

Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County, Donate –

Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County, Volunteer –

Napa Valley Community Foundation –

City of Santa Rosa –

Red Cross –

This LA Times article has lots more! — >>

Thanks for listening/reading my latest adventures! I know this one’s a long one! Comment with any questions or anything else you’re wondering about life in CA! And tell me about ways you give back! I’m always on the hunt for more volunteer opportunities!

Happy Tuesday my loves!

xx -Stephanie

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