My SF Apartment, Part I

With Christmas right around the corner (as in, like three days!!! Eeekkk!), I’m finally sharing a peek into my San Francisco apartment – mostly just to show off my tree. Even though this year’s extent of holiday spirit and decor in my living quarters isn’t even close to previous years, I am still in love with how homey it has made my space feel.

I wasn’t planning to get a tree or decorate this year at first, since I just moved in and still don’t even feel like I’m fully unpacked. I changed my mind when I realized the holiday cheer wasn’t even on my radar despite it being December. Warm weather makes it tough to believe it’s winter.

Anyways, here’s the only part of my apartment that is fully decorated, my living room (which is also coincidentally my dining room, bedroom, and kitchen). I feel like I could use some pretty curtains, but that’s not too high on my list considering I still have boxes of clothes in my closet.

I have gotten my ornaments from all around – mostly from Michael’s, a few from Macy’s and a few less that are homemade *see last year’s post here*. I kept with the gold tones and white for the tree to keep with the theme of my living room decor. I tried to link everything in the pictures, but if you want to know where anything in particular is from that I didn’t cover, let me know! All very reasonably priced 😉

  • Vase: Nordstrom
  • Coasters: Nordstrom
  • Couch: Wayfair
  • Faux fur pillows: Nordstrom Rack
  • Sequin pillows & coffee mug: Marshall’s
  • Teal and gold glittery pillows: Macy’s
  • Faux deer head: White Faux Taxidermy
  • Coffee table I got from Facebook market (so obsessed!)
  • Snickerdoodle cookies: homemade baby!

I wish you all the merriest Christmas and super happy New Year!! I’m aiming to post a new outfit post next week! I’m still working on perfecting my work/life balance out here in California, but I miss you all! ❤

xx -TFB

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