Remove Before Flight

HAPPY FEBRUARY love bugs!! I’ve missed you all! ❤ So let’s get to it…

Growing up in a family of aviation nerds (in the kindest way possible), I know a bit more about planes and such than your average Joe. When I saw this jacket that has the red Remove Before Flight ribbon – I recognized it from one my mom has on her keychain – I totally wanted it.

I took these pictures when I was in Boston a few weeks ago when it was one of those bone-chilling days. This jacket is warm, but I really could have used another hundred layers. Hey, at least I looked cool with my Public School NY edition Alpha Industries jacket. I mean, I felt cool. Literally.

This is pretty much my go-to weekend look; jeans, boots and a jacket. Though here in SF, no jacket is necessary. I just feel grateful I was able to wear it at least once, and I’ll definitely be packing it when I head back east again in a few weeks!

Shop this look in links below___

Jacket : Public School/Alpha Industries | Jeans : Zara | Boots : H&M | Earrings : Baublebar | Belt : ASOS

I’ve been keeping real busy and at times find myself searching for time to blog. Which is why I’m currently writing this post in an Uber. As I mentioned on Insta, where there’s a will, there’s a way! 🙂

Ps. GO PATS! Who has fun Super Bowl plans this weekend?? Still planning my yummiest dish to bring to a party. Wish me luck!

xx -Steph

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