My 18 Hours in Vegas

On Saturday night at 6:30, my friend got a text saying, “Come to Vegas for the night, I got you a room.” After a little convincing from my end and quick packing, we made it to the airport for an 8:30 flight and touched down in Vegas for 10pm. It was only my second time in Vegas, and may be a bit dangerous now seeing how fast I can get there from San Francisco…

Of course I barely had any makeup with me after my 30 seconds of packing, and I thanked the cosmetics gods for Benefit vending machines at LAS airport. I was finally able to grab the new BadGal Bang mascara that I’ve been dying to try (I love it btw, and linked so you can try it!!!), and added a lash primer, eye liner and a lip color for a night out on the town. Now if only they had dress and shoe vending machines.

We stayed in Old Vegas which apparently is where the locals go. I loved being away from all the craziness of the strip, but it was still very crazy downtown. It’s shocking to me being able to leave a bar with a beer in my hand and drink it as I walk down the sidewalk. I can see why it’s called sin city!

After a little gambling, and I mean very little because I have no idea what I’m doing, some great food and company, we called it a night. On Sunday morning, we ended up venturing to the strip and found ourselves at Caesar’s Palace for and amazing brunch buffet. I’ve never seen someone eat so many crab legs in one sitting, or eaten so many different kinds of food during one meal. Totally worth the wait, and I even got to take my gelato to go!

Even though it was just one night, barely, it was so so much fun and definitely the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done in my life. I was also reallllly excited to wear my new sunnies that I impulse purchased last week because they were 50% off! Hayyyyy!!

Where should I go next? Maybe Hawaii? Or Seattle? Who knows 😉 Keep up with me on snapchat: TheFashionBroad !

Oh, and I hope all you lovers had as wonderful of a Valentine’s Day as I did!! 🙂 ❤

xx -TFB

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