Sassy Easter Outfit

This year, I successfully prepared and served my first Easter dinner (for two, lol). And you better believe it was not while I was wearing this outfit. This was my coffee and breakfast outfit, and a passerby even shouted, “yes girl, I see you in your sassy Easter outfit, work it!” and so I did.

I managed to serve everything hot, not burned, and all at the same time, while I was wearing yoga pants, a tee and socks. I wish I was wearing a cute a-line dress with an apron and heels, but let’s be real ladies! That just doesn’t happen. 😛

Top : BCBG | Skirt : Cargo Room | Boots : Christian Louboutin | Earrings : Gas Bijoux | Sunglasses : Celine

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and April fools day! I was seriously lacking on the pranking this year. Too much excitement for one day. Who knows, it is April for a month, who says the fools can only come out on the 1st?!

xx -S

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