Fendi Fendi Fever

Everyone has been flaunting their Fendi lately, and surprise surprise, it made me want Fendi. So being the bargainista that I am, I went over to The Real Real and scanned through their current offerings. The $30 credit I had didn’t hurt either. Came across this top for like $60 or so, and it was delivered to my door in no time. Like fashion but also have no funds for fashion? Keep reading.

A couple of weeks ago, Urban Outfitters was having one of my favorite sales of all time: an additional 50% off sale items. Boom! Add to cart. Add to cart. Add to cart. Add to cart. Three packages later, and these overalls were in my closet. They might not be the most flattering thing I own, but I’m so bored of jeans and gym pants so I decided to give them a try. And what do you know? They look pretty cute with my Fendi top!

In sticking with the Fendi theme, I opted for my Fendi bag that would hold my camera, a water bottle and umbrella, etc. for the day. And this cute little bag comes straight from New Hampshire! You’re like, “What? New Hampshire?” Yes, New Hampshire. From one of my favorite consignment shops called Lilise in Concord, NH. They get the best pieces and always at such a steal.

Top : Fendi | Overalls : Urban Outfitters (similar) | Bag : Fendi | Necklaces : Gas Bijoux, Kemi Designs | Sunglasses : Quay | Shoes : Nicholas Kirkwood | Lipstick : MAC Ruby Woo

I may not be Kylie pushing my Fendi baby in my Fendi dress, but I can certainly feel as cool as her. Maybe even cooler because I didn’t pay as much as some people pay for their mortgage for my bag ;D

Happy Thursday my lovers!

xx -TFB



Ps. shop my look may contain affiliate links which only means I could make a few cents if you purchase something after clicking. Help a sister out, we all want Fendi!

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