The Most Magical Place in San Francisco

There is a place that exists in San Francisco where you can pretend to be a kid again while swimming in a pool full of sprinkles (or jimmies if you’re from New England), eat unlimited ice cream, and get lost in rainbows of colors, make-believe and unicorns. It’s called the Museum of Ice Cream, and I finally achieved my life goal of visiting.

I have the most insane sweet tooth in the world and ice cream is one of my all-time favorite treats, aside from cookies. I eat it way more often than I go to the gym (cough, cough, leggings as pants, cough), and would likely choose it as my one food in the stranded-on-an-island scenario. My first choice flavor is coffee, but it has to be the kind that actually tastes like coffee not just a hint of it, then mint chocolate chip, then anything with peanut butter and chocolate. If we’re talking Ben & Jerry’s, then I’ll pick The Tonight Dough or Phish Food. But who am I kidding, I love all ice cream.

So my little sister is visiting me here in SF for a few days, and a trip to MOIC was one of the surprises I planned for her time here. Of course I want to show her a good time, but I have also been wanting to go for a while, even since I was in New York and missed my chance there (I think it’s in Miami and LA right now also). Luckily I was able to buy the now very much sold out tickets a while back and have been so so excited to go. It was more amazing than I imaged it would be, and I definitely suggest visiting if you’re in the hood! I’ll link it below and maybe you’ll be able to score someone’s cancellation tickets 😉 Enjoy the pics!

Museum of Ice Cream

Happy Thursday! Only one more day until it’s the wEeKeNdDdD!!!

xx -TFB

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