Afternoon Tea at The Rotunda

When I started asking around for ideas of things to do with my little sister when she came to visit, one of the most repeated was taking her to afternoon tea at The Rotunda inside Neiman Marcus in Union Square, SF. I kept it as a surprise for her, and asked her to pick out a dress on Rent the Runway and bring some cute shoes. She shrieked with excitement and said OK!!! Like her big sister, any opportunity to dress up is absolutely welcome.On Wednesday morning, we grabbed coffee and by the time we’d gotten back to my apartment, our dresses had arrived. Mine was perfect; loose fitting and a perfect length to wear with a cropped moto jacket and my new white boots. Hers was a little less perfect. It was way too low cut for me to let her out of the house, and suddenly I understood what my mom had been talking about all those years. Off to Neiman Marcus we went to the RTR shop so she could find her alternate choice. We tried a few on, and she found a very ladylike piece to swap hers with. Thank goodness.

The next day, we entered the back entrance by accident, but found the perfect mirror for a quick picture while waiting for the elevator. The main entrance is through the store, should you ever be looking for it. Inside, you’ll find beautiful stained glass ceilings, groups of people celebrating exciting events, or just very fancy tourists that happened to stumble upon this gem. And of course, my baby sister and me.

We enjoyed our afternoon tea, snacks and sweets, and a bit of browsing around the shoe department afterwards. I’m making a conscious effort to be on my phone less lately, and I think it’s important to disconnect often especially for such a fun memory in the making.

After our tea sesh, we headed back to my apartment, changed into sweats and ate a second lunch until we were full. I will always cherish the times I’m able to spend with my little and I can’t believe how much more grown up she is every time I see her. And for the record, she’s wearing heels and that’s why she’s taller than me. Hmpphhhh. A few links to things below.

My dress: Julia Jordan $30

Her dress: Cinq a Sept $60

The Rotunda

xx -Steph

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