My New Kind of Pants

I’ve been feeling very tired of wearing the same old pants day after day, with a dress sprinkled in. I was on a hunt for a new style, brand, color, anything to get me out of my funk. I came across these cropped flares on sale at Urban Outfitters and clicked add to cart. Soon enough, they arrived at my door and I have been playing with them ever since.The length made me a little uneasy at first since I’m only 5’4 and I envy those who can never find pants long enough. The grass is always greener on the other side, am I right?? I’ve never had that problem, and in fact I get a little giddy when pants are even the slightest bit cropped on me.

You might also notice my newest accessory. Oh yes, the Gucci belt. That old thing. It’s been a minute since I’ve spoiled myself with a new treat and I’ve been wanting this belt for a while. I have a few belts, but nothing I’m obsessed with and I’ve been tucking my shirt in at the front just about everyday (even before the belt). So I thought a nice little statement would make a great addition to my wardrobe.

Top : Madewell | Jeans : Urban Outfitters | Jacket : Nasty Gal | Boots : Forever 21 | Belt : Gucci | Bag : Burberry

I can’t can’t can’t wait for this weekend. First off, national wine day is tomorrow, then it’s MDW! Wahoo! Who has fun plans?? I’m taking a road trip to a land where it’s warm and sunny. Stay tuned!

xx -Steph

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