All of the Lights

A getaway to Los Angeles seems almost like a no-brainer for a nice long weekend getaway from my new home in San Francisco. I’ve been to LA before, but it’s never been quite as accessible as it is to me now; it’s a bit further from NYC. A quick drive south (and by that I mean me sleeping in the passenger seat for a few hours, waking refreshed and ready for some action), and just like that, it’s as if I’m in a different world.

To plan for my weekend trip, I was thrilled to hear that Rent the Runway was holding one of their 3 for 1 promotions for the long weekend. Naturally, I took advantage and rented two dresses and a top, those will come later. And when Urban Light found its way to the top of my sightseeing list, I found the most ruffled and bright dress I could.

I had always seen this beautiful display on the internet and never actually knew where or what they were. I linked them here just in case you’re interested also! Now, the fun part, pictures! 😀


Dress : Halston Heritage from Rent the Runway | Boots : Urban Outfitters | Bag : Burberry | Earrings : Baublebar

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you’d like to see more of, I’m always open to suggestions!

xx -Steph ❤

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