Give Me The Ruffles

Give me anything with a ruffle on it and I’ll gladly take it. Like this darling top that Rent the Runway let me borrow last weekend. It’s not everyday I can wear a top like this (well, I could!), so knowing that I only have it for a few days makes me want to wear it even more. Perfect for dinner and drinks in LA, which just so happens to be what I wore it for!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, RTR had a 3 for 1 deal and I couldn’t not take advantage of it. Who wouldn’t want to not commit to just one outfit when they can not commit to three?! Get it? Not committing because it’s only rented… And I got yet another pair of Madewell jeans. I can’t stay away and I keep stalking theirs and Nordstrom’s sites to see what goes on sale next. What I really need from them is a very skinny and petite pair. I love a little crop in my pants.

Top : Viva Aviva (Rent the Runway!) | Jeans : Madewell | Shoes : Gucci | Earrings : Henri Bendel | Necklace : BaubleBar

We took these pictures in Burbank on our way to dinner. My boyf is becoming quite the photographer and understands that he needs to squat to get the best angle of me. Also risks his life standing in the street for the perfect shot. Such a good catch 😀

It’s almost the weekend, and NATIONAL ROSÉ DAY! How are you celebrating?? I’ll be in Dolores Park with some girlfriends getting our sip on, and I seriously cannot wait!!!

xx -S

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