Santa Monica Colors

Santa Monica is always one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in Southern California. Maybe it’s the beach, or the palm trees. Or the bright colors and shopping. Whatever it is, I love being there. Sadly, this time I didn’t quite pack a beach attire, so I had to put on jeans, dig out my sandals and make a pit stop to buy a tank. All in all, still my fave.

I wish I loved going on rides as much as my friends did growing up. I could just never get past the fear of flying off or tossing my cookies. I was the designated bag holder and I had no problem with it. That fear has always stayed with me, but I do still love to go to carnivals and parks! Partially for the fun and laughter, mostly for the food.

Also, yes that is a real bubble above my head against the blue wall. Another benefit of being out at the pier.

Top : no idea, here’s a similar one | Jeans : Joe’s | Sandals : Topshop (and my favorite since last summer) | Belt : Gucci

Fun plans for the weekend? It’s fair season out here in California. Went to one last weekend and planning to go to one next weekend too! Another thing I ❤ about CA!


xx -S

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