World of Fairs

I can’t tell if it’s California that has nonstop fairs, or if I’m just dating a guy that loves them. Or maybe just takes me to them because he knows I love them. Either way, I have gone to a fair every weekend for the last three weeks. I am not complaining in the least, and in fact, I’m already planning our next one up in Sacramento and I can’t wait.

This one is at Treasure Island, and is actually a flea market. So pretty much everything the fair has except rides, which from my last post you know I don’t love anyways. Great food, fun little booths to shop, and a fun day getting to explore my new surroundings. The Treasure Island Flea Market, or as they now call it TreasureFest, happens on the last full weekend of every month. More details here if you’re interested! Ps. they have multiple succulent booths. Swoooon.

Since some days can still be a little chilly in the Bay Area, a little escape East to Treasure Island seemed like a pretty ideal time to break out my new floral printed jomper (that’s short for jumpsuit romper because I’m not sure what this is). I got it from Nordstrom a few weeks ago and have been dying to wear it. I would prefer to wear it with heels because it’s a tad long on me, but you’ll have to guess again if you think I’m going to wander a flea market in heels on a hot day. Flats it is!

Jomper : BP. Nordstrom (only $59!) | Shoes : See by Chloe | Earrings : BaubleBar | Sunglasses : Celine | Backpack : H&M (from two years ago, linked similar and on sale)

Finally, I acknowledge I haven’t been as active here the last few weeks. I am in the midst of moving and getting settled, and it’s so much fun redecorating and unpacking. I am still here, just a bit quieter and without my camera permanently attached to me. It’s sort of nice, but if you miss hearing from me as often, head on over to Instagram and follow along with my stories there. As always, I appreciate you visiting and checking out my California adventures!

Shout out to my buddy Aiden for being a daily motivation to keep my blog alive and well!

xx -S

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