Finding Shade in Central Park

On a hot, hot, hot, hot NYC summer day, I decided it was a great idea to be outdoors and pay Central Park a little visit. After taking the hot, hot, hot NYC subway to the park, I found relief under the shade of a tree, wishing I was one of the dozens of turtles swimming in the pond. Thankfully, the park is close to some great shopping on 5th ave. where all of the stores have air conditioning. Perfect excuse to find my man a comfy seat while I peruse all the summer sales.

The day began with brunch at one of my favorite and new-ish spots in the city, Union Fare, which is unsurprisingly close to Union Square (hardy har). They have great coffees and breakfast bites, brunch foods and all kinds of other delicious entrees and snacks that I’d happily eat throughout any day. Half is a sit-down style restaurant, and the other half is family style with long tables and benches. I can’t say which I prefer, but it obviously depends on if I’m there to socialize or if I’m serious about eating. Generally the latter with a bit of the former.

Dress : Madewell | Sandals : Topshop | Sunglasses : Gucci | Bag : Burberry | Lipstick : NARS Starwoman

I’ll be heading down to LA this weekend and I’m expecting some pretty similar hot, hot, hot. Truthfully, I don’t mind it since I still find myself wearing a heavy jacket most mornings here in San Francisco. I still haven’t gotten used to the weather here, but from what I’m told, no one ever really does. The key is dressing in layers. Who knew?!

Have a great weekend everyone! ❤

xx -S

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