New York in the Pink Dress

Preparing for the New York heat, I knew I needed to bring a few key things: refillable water bottle (saving the planet, etc.), dresses, shorts to wear underneath my dresses, and of course lots of sunglasses. I went on a little ‘add to cart’ binge on Asos a few weeks ago, and definitely dont regret it. I may not be able to wear these summer dresses all the time in SF, but with all these trips on my cal, I got dresses-o-plenty.

It’s truthfully been a few weeks since these photos were taken; I’ve even been to LA twice since then. Well, technically once, and once more than half way. The second time was to pick up the car we had to leave down there the first time (cracked oil pan, mechanic, Bakersfield, blah blah). At least there’s great food there, Luigi’s if you’re ever in Bfield. Does anyone call it that?

Anyways! I love a good swing dress, especially a bright colored one. And the best part? Inexpensive! For less than $50, linked below, you can get a dress to wear all year. How you ask? Layer it with a long-sleeved tee and tights for the cooler months (and San Francisco), and a swim suit during the summer! What I’m saying is, expect to see this dress again.

Dress : ASOS | Shoes : Topshop | Earrings : Gas Bijoux | Bag : Burberry | Sunglasses : Ray-Ban

Another thing to note, hair was in a pony minutes, no seconds, after the last shot was taken. Well, second to last. I found relief in Kith treats with a cup of birthday cake ice cream and shopped around for new things I don’t need.

It’s safe to say, even with the heat, I love New York. See you soon my dear friend!

xx -Stephanie

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