Rainy Red Dress

Hi! It’s me again! I bet you were wondering where I’ve been, and the answer to that is all around, but mostly San Francisco 🙂 Let’s catch up!

I’ve been on a little hiatus, which I feel is well deserved. Living my life without constantly feeling like I need to document everything I do or whatever I’m wearing is very freeing. I know my boyfriend and friends appreciate me not always asking them to take my picture, though I’m sure they still happily would. Putting my camera, phone, social media etc down for a minute is very nice sometimes, and the great thing about my blog is that it’s always here for me when I’m ready for it. Why don’t we get on with it…

On this day, there was rain, then there was blinding sunshine, then more down-pouring rain, then sunshine again, and for a minute it felt like I was back in New England where the weather is as unpredictable as an earthquake (SF humor?). I was so bummed because it’s the first day I’d decided to take pictures in a while and it was crappy out. We drove all around the city looking for a cool spot with an awning or a little nook I could stand in and not get soaked.

Finally we got to the Salesforce Transit Center, that opened and closed within six weeks and is still currently closed due to infrastructure cracking or something, and we were promptly asked to leave by a security guard. Rightfully so, as I would have been pretty pissed if the thing fell on me. I begged him to just let me take a picture, and he stood there the entire time while I did, waiting for us to leave (first picture). Hashtag awkward.

As we finished taking the awkward pictures, the rain stopped and the sky was blue again!! What a time to be alive! I twirled around the streets and had my man snap a few pictures, which he forgot how much he loves (right Dan? he’s nodding). I’ve found the key to him taking the best pictures is to make sure he’s got a belly full of food, isn’t tired, and is dressed appropriately – he had a nice big umbrella and warm coat. We got a little experimental towards the end, and I had him stand on a bench and point the camera down while I twirled below (last picture). Hashtag awkward.

Now about the outfit. I picked this pretty dress up at Zara, typical. I was in New York a few weeks ago and realized I didn’t pack any dresses and felt like I wouldn’t make it through the trip without one. Needless to say, it made it’s way back to SF unworn and with the tags still on until today. I belted it (ps. this is very much a hip belt and I had to clip the back for these pictures), added a cute heel and packed my favorite bright little bag for the day. I can’t find the same one, but I’ve linked a similar one from Nordstrom!

Dress: Zara

Boots: Celine

Bag: Proenza Schouler

Belt: Gucci

Earrings: Gas Bijoux

I have a lot of fun ideas for new posts coming up, so check back in soon! Thanks for reading and let me know what you think by clicking a few stars (5 if you ask me!) in the rating below! See ya soon!

x -S

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