The September Dress

Well, we’re on day 73 of sheltering in SF and I’m currently on my second glass of rosé, cleaning out my closet and feeling nostalgic after finding a skirt I decided to sell on Poshmark in an old post (here if you’re interested). Crazy how many things I brought to California when I moved here 2.5 years ago and haven’t worn – since 2015. My Rent the Runway membership obviously doesn’t help that much, though it’s been passed for a few months now.

I came across this post in a draft from last September with nothing written in the body. I guess I was feeling a little inspired at the time, but just not enough to write anything and publish. So here we are, Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco with no where to go and nothing to do but clean and drink!

This dress is another RTR find, but I actually bought it instead of sending back. I have a hard time feeling honest when I share things that are just rented as part of my wardrobe, but I suppose that’s not the point of my blog. The point is to share outfits and things about life that I hope can inspire someone, somewhere. But I did buy this dress because I loved wearing it. It also made the cut and is still in my closet, phew.

These pictures are from a while back when going to Starbucks and grocery shopping didn’t require preplanning, waiting in a line or wearing a mask. It was however, a time when plastic straws had recently become banned in California. Still not loving these lids, but I would gladly take that over turtles eating plastic straws, etc. But back to what I am loving: this dress.

It’s very silky and perfect for a backyard BBQ – see last picture, cue solo cup – and summertime in general. RTR has been under some heat recently for keeping its warehouses open during this time after finding a loophole in government mandates. I decided to pause my membership pretty early on since WFH just doesn’t feel like a place I’m motivated to look cute everyday, and weddings are expensive. Let’s be honest, my zoom coworkers are lucky if I wash my hair more often than once a week, never mind putting on makeup or real clothes. Hopefully keeping the warehouse open means that they have more money to keep paying the workers – but not picking sides here. ANYWAYS.




dress: Just Female / RTR

necklace: Gas Bijoux

sandals: Marc Fisher

bag: Proenza Schouler

I hope you’re all keeping busy and staying safe during this really weird and unknown time. Dan and I are doing our best to not bite each others heads off while working in separate rooms during the week and continuing to plan our wedding on the side, but more to come on that in a different post, maybe. We have finally found the perfect venue, picked a date and are hoping more will be back to normal by the time it rolls around next year.

Ps. if you read this, give it a thumbs up or like, or whatever this service has these days. It’s been a while! Hopefully I’ll be back more frequently since my domain just renewed and I remember I’m paying to have this blog! 🙂 🙂

Pss. This post contains affiliate links which mean I will make a few bucks if you click the link and make a purchase, but it does not charge you anything additional!


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