We Finally Took Engagement Pictures

It took us a while, but we finally get around to taking our engagement pictures (we’ve been engaged for 8 months). It was one of the only requirements on the day that Dan proposed, while still standing in front of the Eiffel Tower with mascara smudged all over my cheeks, he said, “can we not take engagement pictures though?” And of course I was like, “yeah babe anything you want.” LOL. Got him.

Planning a wedding is hard enough as it is, aside from during a global pandemic. The biggest challenges we’ve faced are not being able to meet with vendors in person, try different caterers, and be around friends and family for celebrations. We have an appointment to visit a catering company this Friday, and will be tasting the sample menu outside in their parking lot. Could be worse! Let’s hope for good weather.

One vendor we’ve totally lucked out on is our amazingly talented photographer, Amanda Barnes. We finally scheduled our engagement session for last Tuesday (convincing Dan was a hurdle/finding it in us to put on real clothes for the first time in 4 months), and it was such a great experience, but man I was shocked at how exhausted I was the next day. I felt like I ran a marathon, even though it was only 2 hours and was literally just standing and smiling.

I will say though, Amanda gave Dan one single direction at the very beginning: unless your hand is on Steph, put it in your pocket. That is the only time she said it, and in every single picture that his hand isn’t on me, it IS IN HIS POCKET. If only he listened that good at home to me!

Amanda got our pictures back to us in record time, and I have 125 favorited in the gallery so far – here are a few of my favorites! Which are yours? I need help picking which to order in prints! Maybe I’ll do an entire wall of our house with the pictures, like wallpaper. Dan will for sure love it.


2 thoughts on “We Finally Took Engagement Pictures

  1. Hi Kacy & Dan, 1st of all, stunning pics of you two!! Out of the 12 pics, counting your 1st pic of your post, I think I like #3 & #6 the best! Had a hard time choosing because they are all beauutiful in their own way! Wondering which one you’ll end up choosing, can’t wait to see❤️


  2. Hi Kacy & Dan, your pics are stunning!! It’s so hard to choose which one I liked the best because they are all beauuutiful in their own way but I think I like #3 & #6, I just love your smile Kacy! ❤️U


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