Hi, Again!

Wow, I know it’s been a while! I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll start at this moment and work backwards! Currently, I’m watching Bachelorette (delayed start by 30 min so I can FF through commercials), while scrolling through old profile pictures on Facebook trying to find something and of course went down a deep wormhole. I had a spark of inspiration looking at my old self in all those pictures and decided to pick up my laptop to write a new blog post! Of course, it was dead because why wouldn’t it be, but now it’s plugged in, Dan is trying to get the remote because I’m “not even watching it”, but damnit Daniel yes I am! Just because my eyes aren’t watching it doesn’t mean I’m not, you know?

One struggle I have living on the west coast, is the fact that tv shows always air 3 hours later here than the east coast. And people are 100% not respectful of waiting to post spoilers, like, not even the bachelor instagram account. BRO! way to ruin it! It’s not like I revolve my life or week around it, but it gives me something to weirdly look forward to each week, lol. Is that sad? It gets me through 1-2 work days – depending on if it’s football season. But also like west coast – football starts at 10am on Sundays. At least the SNF ends early and I can catch up on 90 Day Fiancé. Lord, who even am I, watching all these tv shows?!

I’m not sure about you guys, but man, it’s been a long-short 2 years that we’ve been doing this. I’ll spare the covid talk because I trust we’re all sick of it. Am I sick of wearing yoga pants, a sports bra and a sweater everyday? Meh, not really. Do I miss dressing up everyday? Yes. Fashion in SF is just so different anyways, aside from covid. Even when I do get dressed like I used to in New York, I’m always over dressed in SF. Especially given the fact that sweet Daniel likes to wear basketball shorts and sneakers to like, everything.

My ‘return to office’ date keeps getting pushed out, but I have a section of my closet dedicated to cute new ‘wear to work’ clothes that I’ve been accumulating. I am very excited to wear it all, because at least when I go to work, I can get as dressed up as I want. Could I wear it all now? Yes, but I don’t want to take away the excitement. It’s like the first day of school outfit.

When I was in maybe 4th grade, I had this killer outfit to wear on the first day. It was a mini skirt with three horizontal sections (stripes?), one navy blue, one purple and one baby blue. It had these flower patches on it, and I wore with these awesome little black and white platform sneakers. I wish I could find a picture, will keep you updated. Thinking about that outfit still gives me a feeling of butterflies from excitement because I freaking loved that outfit. That section of my closet is like that outfit, but more grown up, in some ways haha.

Anyways, I’m trying to get out of this funk and get back into what I like doing, which is this. Even if my mom is the only one that reads this (mom, do you have a picture of that outfit?) it brings me happiness to share little stories and pictures, and parts of my life. Some days are and will be deeper than others, and some are just silly things. I love going back and seeing how I’ve evolved over the years. I reminisce about how great a certain times of my life were, or friends that have come and gone that I miss, but in the end, your life is your own adventure so make it what you want!

Here’s a few pictures from recent. I cannot be bothered with spending hours editing pictures like I used to, so with minor exposure/shadow edits, these are my fine wrinkles, eye bags, and unmade up face 😀

Going out for date night two weekends ago. Dan started blasting Bay Area rappers at like 3pm on a Friday and I got the urge to go out!


Driving home right as the sun was setting, so we decided to stop and watch it

An “oversized white shirt” I bought from Zara, looked very different online but gave us both a good laugh.

Out for drinks at Peacekeeper in SF

In LA about a month ago, waiting for Dan to get ready (perks of not having to do my hair)

Thanksgiving – my first time hosting my in-laws, it went great!

A mid-workday picture I snapper for a friend to show his toddler who just got glasses (mine are just blue lights!)

And finally, our annual trip to the eye doctor. Dan loves walking by big mirrors like this, can’t you tell? 🙂


That’s all for now. If you’re back after a while like me, give this pos a like, or comment to say hello! Oh! And feel free to subscribe over there on the right. I promise you’ll only get an email when I have a new post, nothing else (and I don’t sell info, as if I would even know how). I miss this and am excited to keep it up again!

xx Steph

4 thoughts on “Hi, Again!

  1. I also miss the days of dressing up to go to work. Did I ever tell you I went to fashion school? Ha. That’s another life time ago. Everyday was a fashion show.
    We’re going to England next week so at least I’ll get to wear nice coats again!


    1. Haha, you’ll always be my neighbor in my eyes! I know the feeling girl, you and me both! Though there was always a clear distinction between who was a design student and who was a merchandising student, lol! I always wanted to dress cooler like the design peeps. Enjoy your trip, be safe and stay warm!!


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