Open Houses and Weekend Plans

How the tables have turned. It’s Thursday night, and the football game is on while it appears that Daniel has fallen asleep next to me because he is now quietly, and angelically snoring. At least when I have Bachelor on I’m awake! Anyway, made some progress in our house hunt last weekend, but still no offers were made. At least we got a fun city day out of it!

On Saturday, we found one house that I liked enough to put an offer on, it had a very open floor plan, a nice big marble island – which gets me every time, and a sweet pool. But Dan felt like the bedrooms were too small, which really they were even though I didn’t want to admit it…like I’m not 100% sure our bed would fit kind of small. We were about to go see another then discovered that someone passed in the house which is a big no no for those who are superstitious (or those who are afraid of ghosts, cough Dan cough). So the hunt continues.

Sunday was a city open house day – I snapped the header picture from the car on the way there. Found another one that I liked, it was well within our budget, but needed a full renovation, plus relocating plumbing and moving walls and stairs which is not really something either of us have experience in, so that scares Dan. It excites me because I love to think about the potential which probably comes from watching too much HGTV, but I also know that if here were any problems, I’d likely not be the one to deal with it (cough Dan cough) so understandable his hesitation. Not to mention the time and cost for permits, and hugely inflated materials cost right now. So again, prob doesn’t make the most sense.

We started the day with brunch at Greens in Fort Mason. It was fun because I didn’t tell Dan it was vegan until he realized there was no meat on the menu after we were already sitting down. But it was delish, and I felt wholesome because I had a nice dark green kale salad and balanced it out with a glass of rose. We discovered that one of the piers had a Christmas tree lot so we ran over and it smelled amazing. We looked around, even though we are sadly not purchasing one this year. And thank goodness because they are so expensive, +25% because SF! Of course Dan found a TV to watch the game.

After the city open houses, we walked around Union Square and saw the holiday lights, big tree and skating rink. Most of the streets around Union Square are blocked off because of all the theft that has been happening lately, but the increased security presence does make me feel a bit safer which can certainly never hurt. It always makes me laugh when Dan assumes his Instagram husband position, this time I caught a picture of what I see on the other end.

On the way home, we stopped at one of my favorite comfort foods places, Wes Burger in the Mission. We discovered it, pretty sure via Instagram ad last year sometime, and since they didn’t have dining options when we first tried it, coupled with Dan’s weird anxiety about food condensation, we sat in the car and ate it on Mission LOL. Naturally, all we had in the car at that time was chopsticks (?) but we made it work.

Luckily this time their indoor dining was open, so we didn’t have to eat in the car and it was just as amazing as I remembered. I noticed at one point, Dan was staring off into the distance while slowly chewing, so I asked what he was thinking about and he said, “I’m trying to think of all the burgers I’ve had in my life and which one was better than this, and I really can’t think of one.” So there you have it, might be the best burger than Dan has ever had in his life! I definitely agree, and the jalapeño mac and cheese and bulgogi bacon cheesy tots definitely don’t suck either. Would 100% recommend if you’re looking for a quick meal in the Mission.

We have another few houses to look at this weekend, but we’re starting to see a shift back from open houses to appointment only, so luckily for our agent (who is also Dan’s best friend/former college roommate/best man at our wedding), he’s forced to come! We’re definitely making him work for it *evil laugh*.

Also I’m stressing about what to get my family for Christmas. I am trying really hard to not get people stuff they don’t need and want to get either useful gifts or experiences. If anyone has great suggestions, let me know!

Update: Dan’s awake.

Talk soon!


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