First 2022 Post!

It’s always so tough trying to decide where to start when it’s been a bit. It usually sounds something like, “It’s been a while!”, lol! Man sometimes life just gets too busy, I know I’m not alone there. Some days or weeks go by and I realized I haven’t worked out at all, or have severely lacked eating vegetables or washing my hair, or cleaning the floors. My little blog is no different – but I know you don’t mind the occasional break, we all need one sometimes.

How about most recent first? Nothing has changed on the house hunting front. Weekends are still filled with open houses, luckily inventory is starting to pick back up as we get closer to spring. We got outbid on the last offer by a mere $20K. So annoying, but I know there’ll be others, and when the time is right and blah blah. Patience. I keep forgetting to take pictures of my open house outfits, which is annoying, but here’s one from a few weeks ago. We made an offer on a house we saw this day too, also got outbid.


Last weekend I took my first solo trip (I mean, without Dan, but +11 girls) since covid started to Scottsdale for a bachelorette party. It was so much fun and a so great to get in girl time. We did a spa day, and we even went to a club – LOL. Being there totally brought me back to my NYC days, except I was wearing more clothes and the music seemed louder. It was also nice to chill at the house we rented for the last night, which was supposed to be wig night (see below), but we were all too hungover from the night before. Guess that’s what happens when you take two years off from partying.

The weekend prior, I had a quick work trip down to San Diego. After the work part, it was a pretty quiet trip which I was happy about, but again a change of scenery that I will always take when I can get. We ate some delish food and really just wandered around for the most part. I always forget how quick of a flight it is from SF and wonder why we don’t venture there more often!


Dinner at Cucina Urbana in SD, Dan actually LOVED his pasta, which is shocking because he never likes Italian food. Our gauge is always “would you go back tomorrow” and his answer to this place was yes. That happens maybe 1 out of every 50 places we try.


Highly rec Tacos el Gordo if you’re in San Diego! I got an insider tip ahead of time that they have separate lines for each type of meat, so you’ll end up waiting in a few different lines. Luckily we were there as they opened so no lines, just delicious tacos.


This cracked me up. There was a train approaching and this family stopped to watch it, as did Dan and both dudes took the same stance the entire time. Feet spread, arms folded, scowl on their faces as they pretended to not enjoy it haha.


And before all of that was a mix of Chinese New Year, house hunting, and celebrating the holidays in NYC & NH with my family. We’ll keep this one short and sweet, and maybe my next post will be the NYC adventure recap that I’m about half way done writing. But don’t hold me to it, because you know, life.


CNY dinner with the Mok’s. This lobster plate is about the size of two dinner plates, and was as amazing as it was large.


Dinner at Farmhouse Thai in Palo Alto a few weeks ago with our friend who married us.


And I’ll leave you with this picture of the most amazing burger I’ve ever had in my life (ate while wearing the dress pictured below). It’s a wagyu burger from the Butcher Shop by Niku Steak House in SF, which also happens to be across the street from our jeweler. I have a live pictures also of me taking a bite with lots of drippings, but I haven’t figured out how to add those yet so I’ll spare you.


Hope you all have a great week and I’ll see ya soon!


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