This Made the Cut

Who knew that packing my entire life could be so much work? Shipped 16 boxes, made a total of 7 trips to Housing Works and Goodwill, brought 4 bags to Buffalo Exchange, and I still had three suitcases (one very overweight), a large duffel, a backpack and purse (Givenchy inside my big Louis) to bring on the plane. It’s actually shocking how much stuff I have, and believe me, I got rid of a lot! BUT! This outfit made the cut, so here it is! Continue reading

Dressing Diamonds Down

Who said diamonds are only for red carpets and weddings? Well, I don’t know if anyone actually did, but these ones definitely aren’t. Even though they’re incredibly sparkly, they certainly don’t have to be worn with a gown or heels. Since I had these pieces of eye candy for the whole weekend, I wanted to style all the looks out of them that I could. Boom, I got three, here’s the second 😀 Continue reading

TGIF With My Best Accessories

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: accessories make the outfit. This dress is from Zara and was $12.99, and the sweater is from H&M and was probably around the same. The best way to completely update the look of a super inexpensive outfit is to add the best accessories! Of course both of these are very likely no longer available since that’s how fast fashion works, but don’t worry, I linked similar styles below! Continue reading

Bye Bye Blues

This has quickly become one of my favorite everyday summer dresses. Not only is it on sale for under $10 (what?!), but it’s so easy to wear and super versatile. I wore it to the beach a few weeks ago, to brunch Saturday, and then out for drinks later! I also just found out it’s on sale and I’m literally going to buy it in all four colors. Continue reading