My 18 Hours in Vegas

On Saturday night at 6:30, my friend got a text saying, “Come to Vegas for the night, I got you a room.” After a little convincing from my end and quick packing, we made it to the airport for an 8:30 flight and touched down in Vegas for 10pm. It was only my second time in Vegas, and may be a bit dangerous now seeing how fast I can get there from San Francisco…

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It’s Been a Minute

I know, I know. I’ve been putting things other than new blog posts first in my life lately, but I’m crossing stuff off my list left and right so don’t get used to the quiet on my end! I’ve been a busy little bee out here in sunny California! Still living out of boxes, but you better believe my holiday scented candles are out and burning. In this case, the priority is clear. Here’s what I’ve been up to. Continue reading

Just a Picnic in the Park

As one of the last summer weekends in the city, getting a picnic in was obviously very necessary. After a few iced coffees and a quick stop at Whole Foods for our sandwiches, we were ready to venture west to the park. Of course the grass was soaked (and somehow turned my friend’s shorts green?), so bringing the blanket was the best decision! My skirt stayed white, so all is well here. Continue reading

It’s International WHAT Day?!?

Every so often when I think of it, I’ll look up fun national or international holidays to celebrate. Like, there’s a National Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day, which just so happens to be today. I was looking for an example and I actually can’t believe how weird it is that it’s today. Anyways, it’s also International Cat Day and here’s why you should care (and some really adorable pictures)! Continue reading

Put Some Jalapa Jar in Your Life

If you frequent the Clark St. subway stop in Brooklyn during your commute, I’m jealous of your life. Not because of the required elevator ride (no stairs from the train?), but because it is home to Jalapa Jar. With amazing breakfast tacos and queso, delicious Austin, TX-sourced coffee beans, and freshly made salsa each week, Jalapa Jar helps hundreds satisfy their hungry bellies on the daily. Continue reading