It’s International WHAT Day?!?

Every so often when I think of it, I’ll look up fun national or international holidays to celebrate. Like, there’s a National Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day, which just so happens to be today. I was looking for an example and I actually can’t believe how weird it is that it’s today. Anyways, it’s also International Cat Day and here’s why you should care (and some really adorable pictures)! Continue reading

Bye Bye Blues

This has quickly become one of my favorite everyday summer dresses. Not only is it on sale for under $10 (what?!), but it’s so easy to wear and super versatile. I wore it to the beach a few weeks ago, to brunch Saturday, and then out for drinks later! I also just found out it’s on sale and I’m literally going to buy it in all four colors. Continue reading

Let’s Montauk About It

Weekends in the city are ghostly for the most part. Even though a lot of places are quiet, it’s the best time to get a reservation for the hottest new restaurant or do otherwise miserable chores like grocery shopping. Last weekend like thousands of others, I vacated. My girlfriend and I ventured out to Montauk for the weekend and it was amazing. Continue reading

Pom Poms and Pants at the Beach

Confession: this is my little sister’s shirt. She wore it out on the boat the other day and I asked her if I could borrow it before we even left the dock. It’s from Francesca’s and also comes in hot pink. I don’t know how I would have chosen between the two colors if I were the original purchaser, but I do love the how the colorful little pom poms stand out! Continue reading

5 July 4th Looks Under $150

AHHH! It’s almost July 4th!!! Still trying to pick out your vacation outfits? I’ve got you covered, and these looks are all UNDER $150!! Some are rentals, and just are just inexpensive. Check them all out and let me know what you think! For now, I’ll be here finding stars and stripes for inspiration and trying to figure out how to fit all 5 of these looks into 3 days. Continue reading

Better Than a Bathing Suit

I spent this Memorial Day weekend living in my bathing suit, floating in the water (which may have only been 60°), and eating s’mores left and right. I’m so uncontrollably excited that summer is [almost] here and I can’t wait to spend every weekend possible up at the lake! One of the things helping me get through the long week days is this bathing suit-like bra from UNIQLO.

Continue reading