Better Than a Bathing Suit

I spent this Memorial Day weekend living in my bathing suit, floating in the water (which may have only been 60Β°), and eating s’mores left and right. I’m so uncontrollably excited that summer is [almost] here and I can’t wait to spend every weekend possible up at the lake! One of the things helping me get through the long week days is this bathing suit-like bra from UNIQLO.

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19 MDW Sales to Shop NoW!

I’ve always felt that the best way to pass time while traveling is to shop, on your phone and assuming you aren’t the one driving. What makes this high-travel weekend even better is all of the amazing sales that are happening out there. Sure, you could buy a mattress or a new car, but if your budget (or desire) isn’t on that level, check out these sales instead!

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Wearing Pink With White

One of the things I love about my little sister the most is her honesty. They say that kids are your toughestΒ critics because of their honesty; sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes not so much. For example, when I took this dress out of my luggage Friday and asked her for a hanger from her closet, she looked at me with that 13 year-old face and said, “you’re going to wear pants with that, right?” I didn’t, and she continued to remind me it’s short all day. Continue reading

That’s So LA

It’s finally starting to feel like LA [weather] in New York and I’m so happy about it! Although this is what I wore in the city of angels a few weeks ago post-Coachella, I might just wear it again real soon. A high-waist skirt just begs to be worn with a crop top, and this pair are heavenly together. Continue reading

The Sort of Easter Look

When I saw this top, it honestly took me a few minutes to decide that I loved it. There is sort of a lot going on between the bell sleeve that is also off the shoulder, bow shoulder ties, and a-line body with longer back hem. Yes, lots. I also very much love the color; it’s very light purple although the website (linked below) calls it grey. The best part about it, it’s nice and baggy for when I’m done stuffing myself with Easter dinner! Continue reading