Fendi Fendi Fever

Everyone has been flaunting their Fendi lately, and surprise surprise, it made me want Fendi. So being the bargainista that I am, I went over to The Real Real and scanned through their current offerings. The $30 credit I had didn’t hurt either. Came across this top for like $60 or so, and it was delivered to my door in no time. Like fashion but also have no funds for fashion? Keep reading. Continue reading “Fendi Fendi Fever”

Blending with the Trees

How has Thanksgiving come and gone already?! I was home in New Hampshire for a week and it feels like I never even left San Francisco! I had such a great time at home with my family and got all of my baby fix with my sweet niece (she’s already three months old). Luckily when I’m home, I don’t have to worry about a photographer because I bribe my mom into taking my pictures. She’s not too bad, right? Continue reading “Blending with the Trees”

This Made the Cut

Who knew that packing my entire life could be so much work? Shipped 16 boxes, made a total of 7 trips to Housing Works and Goodwill, brought 4 bags to Buffalo Exchange, and I still had three suitcases (one very overweight), a large duffel, a backpack and purse (Givenchy inside my big Louis) to bring on the plane. It’s actually shocking how much stuff I have, and believe me, I got rid of a lot! BUT! This outfit made the cut, so here it is! Continue reading “This Made the Cut”