New York in the Pink Dress

Preparing for the New York heat, I knew I needed to bring a few key things: refillable water bottle (saving the planet, etc.), dresses, shorts to wear underneath my dresses, and of course lots of sunglasses. I went on a little ‘add to cart’ binge on Asos a few weeks ago, and definitely dont regret it. I may not be able to wear these summer dresses all the time in SF, but with all these trips on my cal, I got dresses-o-plenty. Continue reading “New York in the Pink Dress”

Finding Shade in Central Park

On a hot, hot, hot, hot NYC summer day, I decided it was a great idea to be outdoors and pay Central Park a little visit. After taking the hot, hot, hot NYC subway to the park, I found relief under the shade of a tree, wishing I was one of the dozens of turtles swimming in the pond. Thankfully, the park is close to some great shopping on 5th ave. where all of the stores have air conditioning. Perfect excuse to find my man a comfy seat while I peruse all the summer sales. Continue reading “Finding Shade in Central Park”

All of the Lights

A getaway to Los Angeles seems almost like a no-brainer for a nice long weekend getaway from my new home in San Francisco. I’ve been to LA before, but it’s never been quite as accessible as it is to me now; it’s a bit further from NYC. A quick drive south (and by that I mean me sleeping in the passenger seat for a few hours, waking refreshed and ready for some action), and just like that, it’s as if I’m in a different world. Continue reading “All of the Lights”