New York in the Pink Dress

Preparing for the New York heat, I knew I needed to bring a few key things: refillable water bottle (saving the planet, etc.), dresses, shorts to wear underneath my dresses, and of course lots of sunglasses. I went on a little ‘add to cart’ binge on Asos a few weeks ago, and definitely dont regret it. I may not be able to wear these summer dresses all the time in SF, but with all these trips on my cal, I got dresses-o-plenty. Continue reading “New York in the Pink Dress”

Fendi Fendi Fever

Everyone has been flaunting their Fendi lately, and surprise surprise, it made me want Fendi. So being the bargainista that I am, I went over to The Real Real and scanned through their current offerings. The $30 credit I had didn’t hurt either. Came across this top for like $60 or so, and it was delivered to my door in no time. Like fashion but also have no funds for fashion? Keep reading. Continue reading “Fendi Fendi Fever”