The Everyday Ruffle Sweatshirt

So I was recently feeling in a bit of a fashion drab; I decided to do some online browsing to see if I could find something to pump up my yucky January feels. Naturally, Topshop was already open in my browser, and I just so happened to find this gorg ruffle number and fell in love! It’s a sweatshirt, but sort of a fancy sweatshirt. It has satin ruffles, and in my opinion when you add satin plus ruffles to anything, it can go from zero to wardrobe staple just like that. Continue reading “The Everyday Ruffle Sweatshirt”

OTS Means Off The Shoulder

Happy National Handbag Day!!! Finally coming up on the end of a little Fall cold and I’m starting to feel like me again. This time hasn’t been too bad because I’ve been battling with tons of vitamins and 8pm bedtimes every night. So that all being said, let’s talk about this OTS top. I’m so obsessed with it, and even though it’s a sort of summery style, the fabric is thick enough to wear through the Fall. Thank goodness! Continue reading “OTS Means Off The Shoulder”