All About The Wedding Dress

Deciding which wedding dress I was going to wear was something I struggled with, big time. In the beginning when we were planning to have our wedding next May, my vision was very different compared to the wedding we had. At first, I was imagining a dress that had some sparkle, tulle, lace, maybe a touch over-the-top even. But in the end, the dress I wore was absolutely perfect for our wedding. Continue reading “All About The Wedding Dress”

We Got Married + Tips for Covid Brides

A few things have changed since we last spoke. The biggest being that we got married!! Just 8 days ago to be exact! If you feel like you missed an update, you didn’t. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. We decided about 6 weeks ago to nix our plans for May 2021 and get on with it! Trust me, we rode first class on an emotional rollercoaster (freshly sanitized of course), and man was it was a bumpy ride. Continue reading “We Got Married + Tips for Covid Brides”

Hawaii, aka The Food Tour. Part II North Shore

Next on the Hawaii (food) tour is the North Shore! After a few days in the busier area of Honolulu, the North Shore was a great retreat. There aren’t as many “popular” food options like in Waikiki, but there are definitely a few well-known stops; Giovanni’s, Ted’s Bakery, Matsumoto to name a few. Others tend to be a bit more stumble-upon than these guys that will appear at the top of your Yelp searches. Prepare yourself for more delicious looking pictures!

Continue reading “Hawaii, aka The Food Tour. Part II North Shore”